City of Santa Cruz - Stormwater Inflow and Infiltration Study

Confined space entry in accordance with Cal-OSHA safety regulations
Installation of flow monitoring equipment in challenging environments
Prime Contractor: 
Period of Performance: 
January, 2006 to July, 2006
Project Description: 

The City of Santa Cruz (City) conducted an inflow and infiltration (I&I) study of its sanitary sewer system in an attempt to quantify the degree of which stormwater is contributing to overall sewer volume flows. Twenty-five flow meters were installed throughout the City’s sewer conveyance system. Three rain gauges were also installed within the study area. These instruments continually monitored sewer volume flow and rainfall totals for the entire six-week study duration. Field verification with hand-held flow meters was performed to calibrate in-situ electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow instrumentation. Wet-weather and nighttime field operations were also performed for a complete temporal data set.

ADH Responsibilities: 
  • Assisted E2 staff with equipment installation, monitoring, data acquisition, and demobilization over the course of the entire project
  • Deployed self-contained internal data-logging flow meter and rain gauge instruments to provide time-series analyses of inflow and infiltration
  • Participated in confined space entry to gain access to the monitoring points
  • Collected wet weather and nighttime real-time measurements of flow to calibrate in-situ meters under a wide range of flow conditions