Port of San Francisco - Stormwater Environmental Compliance Audit

Facility inspection for SWPPP review and update, as well as BMP recommendations
Prime Contractor: 
Period of Performance: 
August, 2008 to December, 2008
Project Description: 

As a subcontractor to URS Corporation, ADH conducted a stormwater environmental compliance audit for the Port of San Francisco at its drydock leasehold at Pier 70, and provided recommendations on measures to be implemented in order to be compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

The project involved these specific tasks:

  • Perform reviews of existing stormwater-related documents for the facility
  • Conduct site inspections at the facility
  • Evaluate the current SWPPP and BMPs
  • Complete a facility audit score sheet for pertinent state and federal regulations with recommendations for future compliance
Scope of Services: 


Facility and Regulations Review

ADH was responsible for the review of the following documents:

  • Existing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Best Management Practices (BMP) Program Manual for Shipyard Operations
  • NPDES Permit and Industrial Wastewater Permit
  • Annual Reports to the Regional Water Quality Control Board for stormwater discharges associated with industrial activities
  • Past Notices of Violation and Notices to Comply
  • Hydrostatic Test Records for bilge and oil transfer hoses
  • All state and federal regulations pertinent to industrial stormwater discharges (Federal Code of Regulations, California Code of Regulations, and California Water Code).

Site Inspection

ADH staff conducted a two-day site visit at the drydock facility for the following tasks:

  • Introductory guided tour of the entire facility
  • Independent walkthrough inspections and photo documentation;
  • Thorough evaluations of existing BMPsI
  • Identification of additional BMPs requiring implementation.

Significant activities inspected included:

  • Oil and oily bilge water storage tanks
  • Bilge and oil transfer hoses and containment
  • Sandblasting/painting shrouding and cleanup
  • Paint and solvents storage
  • Generator/mechanical equipment storage
  • Secondary containment
  • Spill prevention and response supplies/equipment
  • Strmwater drainage system


ADH staff members completed compliance audit score sheets for both state and federal regulations. Additionally, they provided recommendations for revision of the existing SWPPP, and recommendations regarding existing or lacking BMPs.