Peter Wilde

Assistant Vice President
Senior Systems and Instrumentation Technologist
Peter Wilde
Career Summary: 

Mr. Wilde has over 43 years of experience performing stormwater studies including conceptual design, monitoring equipment custom configuration and installation, remote communications, and statistical data management and analysis. In relation to instrumentation hardware and software, he has created programs for various data loggers and interfaced sensors for automated stormwater sampling systems, including the development of input/output routines using proprietary communications protocols of manufacturers of flow meters and other devices. He has developed, deployed and performed systems diagnostics using various remote access technologies, and has designed and implemented user interfaces for software systems.

He has deployed, developed, and diagnosed systems that were accessed remotely using various technologies that included simple modems, cellular modems, short-haul radio modems, long distance high-gain radios, satellite communications, and Ethernet systems using the Internet. Mr. Wilde has designed and implemented user interfaces for software systems for internal use and resale to clients. These interfaces have included systems that used pagers, text messages, phones, and the Internet to provide information and warnings to offsite users, thus allowing these users remote control over the systems, if necessary.

Mr. Wilde has managed databases of multi-year sampling programs for numerous clients, and written analyses on the respective data. As a statistician/data analyst he has been responsible for performing extensive univariate and multivariate statistical analysis of scientific data, including oceanographic, marine biological, chemical, and ecological studies. In this capacity Mr. Wilde has developed statistical analysis programs, designed sampling programs, critiqued experimental results, and provided senior review of statistical reports. Mr. Wilde has extensive experience as a marine scientist performing physical oceanographic and biological studies where he has been responsible for interfacing sensors, recorders, and computers using many different hardware and software protocols. He has managed databases of multi-year sampling programs for numerous clients, presented results of analyzed data and provided ongoing consultation.

For over three decades, Mr. Wilde has produced pre-storm forecast synopses that are used to direct sampling efforts for stormwater programs throughout California. During the same period, he has performed the role of Lead Storm Control – the direction of sampling crews in the field during stormwater sampling based upon current and imminent weather conditions and equipment status.

In 2015, Mr. Wilde was named Assistant Vice President of ADH Environmental. In this role, he has assumed staff management responsibilities to help provide support for the guidance of the company.

Areas of Proficiency: 
  • 30 years of experience with stormwater sampling studies
  • Expert with custom instrumentation development and maintenance, specifically with Campbell Scientific dataloggers
  • Extensive experience with remote communications equipment for automated sampling systems
  • Extensive experience with Storm Control (i.e., direction and management of field crews during stormwater sampling)
  • 30 years of experience with statistical analysis of environmental data
  • B.A., Physics (with Honors) and Information Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA (1977)
Certifications & Affiliations: 
Starting Year of Employment: 
2 006