Brad Haeger

Staff Scientist
Career Summary: 

Under the direction of the fisheries and herpetology departments within the aquatic monitoring program at Green Diamond Resource Company, Mr. Haeger performed watershed monitoring and assessment in compliance of the Aquatic Habitat Conservation Plan for ten years. Mr. Haeger played a key role in the development of the watershed department by helping to create and develop tools and systems to manage and edit stream data. This experience, coupled with his bachelor of science degree in Natural Resource Planning, gives him valuable qualifications as a field scientist.

Mr. Haeger’s professional experience also includes the following: calibration and documentation of lab and field equipment; installation and maintenance of turbidity threshold stations; operation of data loggers, sensors, water pumps, and battery systems at remote sites; coordination of watershed crew activities for field and lab; preparation of reports for the Regional Water Quality Control Board, Bureau of Land Management, and Forest Service; annual certification of projects related to sediment-impaired watercourses; and training of new employees in all aspects of  watershed projects.

As a staff scientist at ADH Environmental, Mr. Haeger has gained experience working on Caltrans stormwater monitoring projects. He has gained further stormwater monitoring experience performing sample collection and data processing for a variety of municipal clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Areas of Proficiency: 
  • Stormwater monitoring
  • Laboratory coordination
  • Data QA/QC review
  • Sampling readiness
  • Field sample and data collection
  • Technical memoranda preparation

B.S., Natural Resource Planning, 2002.

Starting Year of Employment: 
2 013